Build a Flat Lap

You Tube Video Instructions

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Recommended Materials List 

Solid open frame table – the sides have to be strong enough to hold the motor without flexing

2×4 board long enough to stretch from the front to back of the table underneath

Threaded rod –¾” diameter left hand thread

Threaded lapidary backing plate (I drilled a bolt through the end plate and the shaft to secure the end plate to the shaft)

Two flange bearings with bolts

2” Pulley with ¾” bore to fit on threaded rod

1” Pulley with ½” bore to fit on the motor*

1725 RPM ¼ hp motor or other suitable high torque motor (you can usually find these used)

Optional speed control

Plastic basin to contain water (you can find something at a dollar store to fit the size you want)

Flange fitting wide enough to go around the shaft

Magnetic disc to hold the lapidary discs

Lapidary discs

-Diamond steel discs

 -3M polishing paper  30 microns = 400 grit

  -Foam padding

  (You will need thin super glue to adhere the padding and the paper to the discs)

–Alternative – you can get polishing pads and sponge backs from hi-tech rather than making your own.  They are going to be more expensive but maybe more convenient


—Sponge backs:

*(note that the size of the two pulleys controls the speed and the torque.  A pulley that is twice as big on the shaft will slow the speed in half but will increase the torque, which will increase the ability for the plate to move against friction)

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