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The "No Fail" Handmade Online Business Formula


Hi - Janet with Heather Canyon here. In 2016, I decided to try to sell the jewelry that I made. I had no business experience at all, I knew little about the handmade selling possibilities, and I plodded along. In 2017, I bought what was then Ruby Mountain Rock5, an e-commerce website that sold lapidaary slabs for artisans would make the beautiful stones for jewelry. With the business came a website, and a lot of learning. Through this purchase I acquired the website as well, and suddenly I needed to know how to sell things, for real, not just as a hobby. I was referred to Renae Christine for her marketing programs. She makes it super easy for anyone, no matter what your level of business knowledge or tech knowledge. And, you can learn the secrets to making a successful business with her free trainings. 

Sign up now to learn about a tried and true product line formula (What's a product line formula?!). Renae has a bunch of other free tips for you too! I'm not sure, I think all those cupcakes have gone to her head. She really does seem to just love giving away free stuff. No lie, she has some paid programs you can sign up for, but she only opens them for a limited time once a year (one time a year, how does she afford it!?). So, that's not even available right now, she just provides these free trainings to help you grow your business, just like she did for me. 

Click the link below to start off with learning all about her product line formula (think the "chocolate diamond collection" at Kay Jewelers). Not the video type? Yeah, me either. I follow them now because there is so much good information. But maybe you would like to start smaller, with a free E-book on suppliers to keep your business supplies consistent (and why that is important). You can find information on that here.

Join me and discover:

  • The #1 strategy Renae used to turn her handmade business into a 6-figure income. And how she has helped hundreds of others make their business a success
  • 7 common mistakes that lead to failure 
  • 4 things I wish I knew before I started my own handmade business 
  • The best kept secret that no one is telling you about raising prices 
  • Step-by-step system to create an expandable handmade business


THE LEADING TEACHER FOR HANDMADE BUSINESSES After making mistake after mistake, Renae finally built a six figure handmade stationery company from home. Now, Renae teaches her 'Besties' how to avoid the same mistakes and profit from their handmade businesses from home. Renae has since created more than 700 free trainings, is an Amazon best selling author, and has been featured in ABC, NBC, Fox News, Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post and thousands of other publications around the world.


"I got so many orders that I ran out of everything." Mandy Maltz,

"I have more than tripled my sales in just 4 months!"

Tina Nowinski,

"My revenue nearly doubled in one year."

Leilani Howard,

"Renae is the best business coach I have come across in my 10 years online."

Lynda Hatches,


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