Alunite is an aluminum potassium sulfate mineral that is often mined for the aluminum content.  This alunite was collected near the town of Alunite, Utah in the Mineral Mountains, where it was mined for both aluminum and potassium during war time.  The mineral forms as a replacement mineral in areas of potassium-rich volcanic rocks such as rhyolite (pumice) and near volcanic fumeroles.  It forms from sulfuric acid leaching of metals from the rocks.

Today Alunite is a ghost town, as the aluminum mines have all closed down.  The region is rich in minerals and rocks associated with volcanic and geothermal activity and several different metal deposits are found in the area, including copper mines where some Heather Canyon Exclusives such as coo-nah marble, agua marble and epidote psilomene dendritic onyx are found.  The area is also known for bacon opal, fire opal, hickoryite, and many more.

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