Obelisk Towers - Metaphysical Grid Points

The obelisk is a symbol that date back to the ancient Egyptians.  Obelisks were placed on either side of the entrance to tembles and symbolized the sun god Ra.  Obelisks were copied and stolen from the Egyptians, especially during the time of the Roman empire, and obelisk monuments continue to be used today.  Obelisks are thought to be placed to dissipate negative energy build up.

Crystal obelisks act in the same manner when placed in a building.  Obelisks such as these are used on metaphysical grid points to help direct energy through the grid.  Each stone has its own metaphysical use and symbolism.

Obelisks are not shown individually, but by stone type.  If you would like to request a specific obelisk, please contact me for pictures of ones that are available.

Obelisks are also called generators, wands, grid points, and pyramids.  These are small enough that they could be used in making jewelry and other lapidary projects.

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