SPH 03 – Dream Amethyst

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Dream amethyst is an amazing layered crystal of amethyst, clear quartz, and smoky quartz – with bands of purple, white and gray.  Amethyst is considered one of the most powerful crystals and resonates with the third eye chakra.  Amethyst comes from a Greek word mean “not intoxicated”.  The story says that Bacchus, the wine god, became angry over an insult and determine to have the first person he met be devoured by tigers.  This person was Amethyst, a young maiden, who sought protection of the goddess and was turned into a clear crystal.  Bacchus, regretting what he had done, poured the grape wine over the crystal, giving it the purple hue.  Historically, amethyst has been thought to protect against intoxication.

Amethyst is a powerful meditative stone, creating a feeling of protection and empowerment.