Amethyst (vein) / Sowbelly Agate / Creede Colorado Amethyst Lapidary Slab

Sowbelly Agate, Vein Amethyst, Creede Colorado Amethyst

Sowbelly agate is beautifully banded, translucent purple amethyst and white chalcedony with dendritic native silver. This material comes from the Last Chance Mine in Creede, Colorado, a closed silver mine. The sowbelly agate was the “trash rock” of the mine. The agate may consist of micro-crystalline amethyst or small crystals and druzy pockets. Sowbelly is another name for bacon and is named because the banding looks a little like purple and white bacon.

Every piece you make with this material will be unique, with beautiful swirling bands, druzy pockets or silver dendrites, your work will be sure to catch people’s eye.

Purple amethyst and white chalcedony are a perfect combination.  Amethyst mainifests the crown chakra, channeling intellect and creativity, while chalcedony targets the root chakra and helps to keep one grounded in the now.

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