Andean Opal

Andean Opal / Peruvian Opal

Peruvian / Andean Opal is relatively rare and is only found in the Andes mountains near San Patricio, Peru. The blue is a very translucent stone with color similar to the Caribbean Sea. Depending on how the stone is cut it can be clear, scenic (showing varying degrees of color) or dendritic which has black fern like inclusions.  The pink is a vibrant pink color.

Peruvian opal is a type of common opal, meaning that it does not have the play of color of precious opal.  This doesn’t make it any less beautiful, especially with the color bands and patterns.

Opal is a unique juxtaposition, forming from the fire of volcanoes but associated with the water element.  It embodies creativity and intellect and frees inhabitions, empowering love and passion.  Opal is one of the birthstones of October.

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