Bacon Opal / Candy Stripe Opal

Bacon Opal / Candy Stripe Opal is found in the Mineral Mountains north of Milford, Utah. The Thomas Mountains were formed as a result of Tertiary volcanic activity and mineralization in the mountains is very diverse. The opal is formed as a result of geothermal fluids flowing through volcanic rock layers. The bacon appearance is a result of various iron minerals such as hematite, which give the opal layers a red color. The color bands in this material are very unique and make fun, colorful cabochons. Although this material is found in Utah, it is not common on the market and most jewelry currently made from it is made over seas. Bacon opal is a hyalite opal, which is generally colorless, but the mineral impurities give it a wide range of colors. This opal is also UV reactive.

The layers of the bacon opal are very delicate and it is advised to stabilize this material before cutting for cabochons. I can stabilize them for you, please let me know if you need this service.

For information on stabilizing rocks see my post here:

This area is under claim again, which means access to the site is restricted and prices are likely to go up.

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