Bumblebee Jasper

Bumblebee jasper is not really a jasper, but like many colorful and amazing stones, forms from magma fluids associated with a volcano. This material is mined from a volcano in Indonesia, on the Pacific Ring of Fire. Indonesia has some of the most active and largest volcanoes in the world and the hot fluids associated with these volcanoes react with the surrounding rock, producing amazing color patterns. The yellow and black pattern are from sulfur and iron minerals in the rock.

This stone is associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, opening one to change and self-acceptance.

Although it was not labeled as such when I purchased this material, it is likely that it has been stabilized. Bumblebee jasper is composed partially of anhydrite, a soft material that breaks apart easily. The yellow in bumblebee jasper contains sulfur and arsenic. It is not toxic to touch, except for highly sensitive individuals. However, it is recommended that you take precautions not to inhale it while you are cutting it.

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