Collawood is petrified wood from Turkey that has been replaced with copper minerals including the gorgeous blues and greens of malachite, azurite, and chrysocolla and reddish brown cuprite.  The color of this collawood stands up to the best copper deposits you may have seen from Arizona, Mexico and Africa, and also still preserves the wood texture.  This type of petrified wood is found nowhere else in the world – only one location in northern Turkey near a gold prospect.  This is one material you will not want to miss out on having as part of your collection.  Its amazing colors and patterns are definite eye-catchers for your work.

The metaphysical properties of collawood are thought to combine that of petrified wood and the copper minerals within it.  Petrified wood is a gounding stone. The copper minerals are thought to promote mental clarity (azurite), promote prosperity (malachite) and reduce anxiety (chrysocolla).

These slabs are 100% natural, they have not been altered or enhanced in any way.

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