Dinosaur Gem Bone

Dinosaur Gem Bone Lapidary Slab

Dinosaur gem bone is fossilized bone from the Mesozoic Era, the time of the dinosaurs. Beginning in the Triassic Period, dinosaurs started to take over the scene. By the Jurassic Period, dinosaurs were large, thundering beasts that included the long necked sauropods and the meat-eating Allosaurus. These dinosaurs continued to dominate the environment in the Cretaceous Period, with such creatures as Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. When they died, their bones were buried deep underground. Slowly, ground water percolated through the bones, depositing minerals in the pore spaces of the bones. In most cases, the actual bone material is still present, but it usually has changed color, most often to a dark purple, almost black, but sometimes other colors are present as well. The minerals filling in the pore spaces can be many different colors. These colorful minerals filling in the pore spaces gives this material a spider web sort of look.

Note: As a professional paleontologist, I typical frown upon the sale of vertebrate fossil material. Vertebrate fossils are rare and unique and scientifically very important. However, I recognize that often times the fossils are destroyed by nature before they are discovered and the scientific value is lost. The material sold here has no scientific value and no data on location or type of animal.

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