Indonesian Opalized Wood

Indonesian opalized wood is petrified wood in which the wood grains have been replaced by opal. Indonesia is a volcanic island chain that is currently active and this volcanic activity produces a wide array of unusual minerals and rocks. When wood is buried by volcanic ash and silica is mobilized from the ash, the silica will penetrate into the wood and replace the grains of the wood. Opal is a hydrated silica. The silica is often accompanied by other elements that give the opalized wood a wide range of colors. Red, green and purple colors are usually from iron minerals. Manganese often creates pink, black and brown coloration and copper minerals can produce blue and green.

This opalized wood is stunning with its colors and patterns. and is quite rare. Recently, Indonesian sellers have been caught scamming customers with photographs that have been filtered to display false colors. The colors and patterns you see here are true colors. With my background in geology as well as the lapidary arts, I am able to find reliable material for your projects.

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