Jade with Magnetite

Jade with Magnetite Lapidary Slab

Jade is usually dark green and may consist of two different minerals. There is nephrite jade, which is a amphibole minerla and jadeite, which is a pyroxene mineral. These two minerals are almost identical, which just minor structural differences. They are formed from the metamorphism of rocks rich in magnesium and iron, associated with the oceanic crust and the mantle below the crust. These rocks are pushed up onto the continent when two plates come together in subduction, where the oceanic plate sinks under the continental plate. Some of the plate gets scraped off and pushed up onto the continent. Magnetite forms as a heavy mineral cumulate in iron and magnesium rich magma. It separates from the rest of the magma in a layer. When metamorphosed, the surrounding rock turns to jade but the magnetite does not metamorphose. Magnetite is a metallic mineral and is magnetic.

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