Moss Agate

Moss agate is not truly an agate, since it is not banded.  It is chalcedony with dendritic, feathery mineral inclusions.  It is regarded as a talisman of the gardener and agriculture.  It is thought to help bring abundance in harvest.  It can be planted with plants to improve growth.  As agate, it vibrates at a low frequency and is associated with the root chakra, acting as a grounding stone.  This property aids with stability in times of stress.  It has also been used as an anti-inflammatory.  Just as in new growth in agriculture, moss agate can cultivate new growth in relationships, whether they are professional or personal.  Wear moss agate for fortune in a job search or first date, for example.  The colors of the mossy patterns are dependent on the mineral types included in chalcedony.  Green is typically manganese or iron.  Red is most often hematite.  Gold may be goethtite or limonite.



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