Petoskey Stone Lapidary Slabs

Petoskey stone lapidary slabs are very popular for their unique eye-like patterns. These eyes act as protectors, guarding against violence, harm and illness.

Petoskey stones are silicified coral colonies of the genus Hexagonaria from Michigan. They are most abundant near Petoskey, Michigan, where the Silurian rocks where they are found are present below Lake Michigan. The stones are often washed up early in the spring during storms.  Hexagonaria are similar to another Michigan stone, the Charlevoix stone, which is the genus Favosites.  The primary difference between these two coral is the size of the holes where the animals lived.  Hexagonaria were larger animals and therefore the “eyes” are much larger.  These coral are different from modern-day coral reefs.  They are solitary corals that grew in clusters, as opposed to the colonial coral of today’s reefs.

Petoskey stones are popular with men and women alike and are used in a wide variety of applications including jewelry, tie tacks, and decorative art.

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