Petrified Fossilized Lapidary Slabs

Petrified Fossilized Lapidary Slabs

Petrified wood, algae, sponges and other organisms are popular lapidary material.  With petrification, organic material is turned to stone (petra = stone) by cellular replacement with minerals, typically silica-rich minerals like chalcedony.

Bone and shells are often fossilized.  Fossilization will typically retain the original material, whether it is bone or shell, and the pore spaces will be filled with minerals.

Typically the original texture of the organism is preserved, whether it is petrified or fossilized.

In both instances, the colorful minerals create unique patterns in the once living organisms.  As remains of organisms, these materials are associated with the earth element.  The preservation of these ancient organisms is thought to hold the key to ancient memory and knowledge.

In some countries, dinosaur bone is ground up and used as an aphrodisiac.  I strongly do not recommend trying this.  Why?  Send me a message, I will tell you all about it.

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