Purple Cloud Agate with Opal

Purple Cloud Agate is a beautiful purple agate with swirls of white opal. It produces stunning cabs. Purple cloud agate is a relatively new material to the market. It is found in the McDermitt Caldera on the border of Nevada and Oregon. A caldera is a large, highly explosive volcano that erupted so violently that it blew off the top of the mountain. Yellowstone is a modern caldera and the hot springs and geysers are a result of heat from the magma below the surface. The hydrothermal fluids from the magma that were injected into the rhyolite ash of the volcano have produced a number of different types of agates and jaspers within the caldera. Opal is often associated with the agates as well.

The slight hardness difference between the agate and the opal makes this stone a little bit challenging when cabbing. But patience pays off with it.

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