Stromatolite - Fossil Algae


Stromatolites from Sharkbay, Australia.  Photograph from Wikipedia

Stromatolites are blue-green algal mounds.  They are among the oldest fossils found on Earth, first appearing 4 billion years ago, and contributed to the formation of an oxygen-rich atmosphere.  They reached their peak 1.5 million years ago, almost 1 million years before any animals with hard parts are found in the fossil record.  They grow in mounds, layer upon layer, much like tree rings.

The patterns can be highly varied and often resemble a sort of cryptic writing or heiroglyphics.  They can also be banded with hematite to form banded iron formation.  Some types are given special names like Mary Ellen Jasper.

Much like the way these cyanobacteria transformed the Earth, stromatolites are thought to be transformative to life.  They assist in aiding blockages in the meridians and chakras, allowing for healing to occur at all levels.  Pairing a stromatolite with another stone can be useful in enhancing the properties of the other stone.

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