Tiffany Stone

Tiffany stone

A stunning purple stone and reminiscent of Tiffany stained glass, Utah Tiffany Stone is known for its crackled marbling of creamy white rich purple smoky lavender and inky black. Fine quality Tiffany stone has purple coloration and can even be a pure dark, translucent purple color. As one of the most scarce, beautiful and unusual purple gemstones in the world, it’s beautiful colors make it one of the most desired stones among gem collectors all over the world. It is an opalite (common opal), and often has a soft rind, and is found in mineralized nodules.

Tiffany Stone only comes from one very small area in the Utah west desert; the Brush Wellman beryllium mines, and sadly, it is no longer available to the public for collecting. Supplies are becoming very hard to come by – especially the high quality, colorful material like this.

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