Ruby Mountain5 July 30-August 15 Dinosaur Dig

All orders placed between July 30 and August 15 will experience a shipping delay.  These orders will be processed as quickly as possible after August 15.  Why the delay?

Dr. Janet Bertog, ower of Ruby Mountain5, is also a professor of geology and paleontology at Northern Kentucky University.  During this time, I will be taking my students on a dinosaur dig in central Utah, where we will be collecting Jurassic dinosaurs.  This is a trip that I take every summer with students and volunteers of the university.   We spend two weeks at a time in a remote part of central Utah, where our only facilities are the ones we bring with us.  We camp at the site and spend time learning proper techniques for collecting and preserving these valuable resources for future generations to study and enjoy.  The specimens that are collected are taken to the Cincinnati Museum Center where they are studied and will be on display.

dinosaur dig
Students collecting dinosaurs

We are primarily collecting a specimen of Barosaurus as well as pieces of other dinosaurs typical of the Jurassic Period, such as Allosaurus and Dryosaurus.  We also have small critters that lived amongst the dinosaurs including turtles, crocodiles and the primitive lizard the sphenodont, related to the modern day tuatara.

While I am traveling, I will be sure to collect some new, special material to add to the Ruby Mountain5 collection.  The geology of Utah is amazingly diverse with everything from the sedimentary rocks where dinosaurs are preserved to the structures that created famous landmarks like Arches National Park to giant volcanoes that deposited unusual minerals.

New material to look forward to after my trip includes Utah Hyalite Bacon Opal, Sardonyx, Septarian Nodules, and more!  I will also be visiting the previous owners, Sharon and Richard, and will be returning with some of their famous turquoise.

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