Welcome to the new ownership – about me

Hello!  I have recently taken over new ownership of Ruby Mountain5 Rocks.  I promise to maintain the same quality products at reasonable prices.  I have recently implemented a new, lower pricing scheme, and free shipping still applies in the US, and now Canada!  Free shipping on orders over 5 items internationally.

So, a little about me.  I am a professor of Geology at Northern Kentucky University.  My specialty is vertebrate paleontology,  but I teach classes in introductory geology, field paleontology, stratigraphy and sedimenation (the study of rock units deposited in different environments and what they tell us about the environments), mineralogy and petrology (the study of the identification, characterization and interpretation of all rock types).  I have been teaching at NKU for 14 years and recently received full professorship.

In January 2016 I started an Etsy business, Clidastes Stones, selling stone crafted wire wrap jewelry and home decor.  I began to brach out within this business and started selling mineral specimens, rock slabs and cabochons.  I really enjoyed finding unique stones for people and sharing them.  I have done most of my business on Facebook through this company.  I have made hundreds of sales this way and have many repeat customers.

About a month ago, I saw Sharon’s post about selling this business so they could retire.  I decided this fit perfectly with the direction I was taking my business and so  I offered to buy it.  Now, here I am, surrounded my thousands of rocks that I love and am excited to share them with you.

As you peruse the website, please keep in my mind that I have thousands of slabs of inventory to post, and I am working on this as quickly as possible.  In the meantime, if there is anything you are interested in that is not posted, please check the bulk spreadsheet lists for available items and contact me to see some of what I have available.

I know there will be some bumps in the road as I adjust the website to my settings, but I try to keep these to a minimum and will be happy to assist with anything that might come up.

I look forward to working with you to provide you with quality materials for your jewelry making or personal collections.